DEKO slicing machines for the retail trade, catering companies and large-scale consumption environments

All components that are in contact with meats and cheese have been made from high-quality stainless steel.* This material increases ease of use, hygiene and the professional image of the user.

Long life span, low costs

The machines have been produced using high-quality materials. A long life span and low maintenance and servicing costs are the result. 

Inbuilt sharpener

The easy operation also applies to the inbuilt sharpener. The machine will switch from slicing to sharpening with one smooth hand movement. 

Standards and certificates

All DEKO machines comply with EU health and safety rules and various ISO standards. Each machine is also provided with the CE mark. *In accordance with the guidelines of the food and consumer product safety authorities.
For ease of use, hygiene and a professional image

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Only quality has a future.