Are you our new distributor?

Deko Holland, manufacturer of DEKO slicing machines, accepts new distributors (in selected market areas).


Why DEKO slicing machines?
DEKO equals quality. The robust and timeless design has already been a success in many European countries for more than a hundred years. DEKO slicing machines (formerly known as “Berkel”) are synonymous with an aesthetically beautiful design, proven quality and ergonomic ease of use.


Where can you count on?
Deko Holland is a part of the Aaldering Holding. The different subsidiaries of this group are in turn producers and distributors. Based on this experience, Deko Holland is well-aware of the interests and concerns of the distributor as no other.


Our distributors can count on the following:

  • Good agreements
  • Short communication lines
  • Punctual deliveries including for components
  • A solution-focused and service-conscious attitude


What do you have to meet? 

A high-quality machine as a DEKO demands excellent services. The requirements of the market in the relevant region will apply as the basic principle.  Deko Holland is only looking for distributors who can offer added value in this respect.


Are you DEKO worthy?
Contact Deko Holland, telephone: +31 (0)26 384 9080.

Please ask for Claudia Esman or send an email to