History of Berkel slicing machines 800 and 834.


Deko Holland slicing machines models 800 and 834 are the same as formally well-known Berkel slicing machine models 800 and 834. in 2004 Deko Holland acquired the production and sales activities of these Berkel slicing machines. As from October 1st 2007 these machines are distributed and sold under the name Deko.


Wilhelm van Berkel, born on 5 February 1869, son of a pub owner and brother of a butcher. Wilhelm had a passion for technique.


Wilhelm van Berkel was the inventor of cutting machine with movable meat table. This way meat products could be cut neatly and regularly.

On 12 October 1898 he started Van Berkel Patent. By Van Berkel the developed machine became a huge success. Van Berkel machines was fabricated in a large number of several implementation and alternatives.


After the 1st  World War Van Berkel also started with the production of balances and related products for the butcher and the Food Industry. Sale offices and factories were built in several  countries. In the United States under the name Slicing machine Co. Inc. and in United Kingdom under the name of Berkel Ltd.


After years of large success the venture became in 1993 a component of the English Company Avery, which was a part of GEC. The new name became Avery-Berkel. In 2001  GEC sold  Avery-Berkel to American Weigh-Tronix, and it went further under the name Avery Weigh-Tronix. The Brand name Van Berkel is still used by an Italian firma which is also producer of cutting machines.

In 2004, Van Berkel production Rotterdam was sold to the Koningh in Arnhem where the production of the classics 834S, 834EPB and 800S continued and where intellect Property of these machines has gone along.

on 1 July 2009 Verbas Ltd (trading name DEKO Holland) have taken over the Koningh Food Equipment wherefore  the tradition of these unique cutting machines haven’t  gone lost.


The names DEKO Holland and DEKON Holland stand as a long time for quality, sustainability, security and reliability.